Most-Talked-About Toyota Prius isn't All Talk

When you stop by Szott M-59 Toyota in Waterford, MI, it's more than likely we're all chit-chatting about the new Toyota lineup or some recent updates regarding the auto brand. But we aren't the only ones fueling the fire on the Toyota talk-- according to a social analytics company's study, the Prius is the most talked about hybrid vehicle online.

GenSent Insights, based in New York, tracked the value of online media and exposure for ten different hybrid and electric vehicles, including the Prius. It gauged a model's reach with a scale of dollar values that matched its level of online discussions over a certain amount of time. The Toyota hybrid earned $14.5 million in total media value between January and April 2013.

Some places that the Prius was particularly favored on include social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The study noticed some spurts in online Prius-focused talk, like when Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson mentioned the hybrid in a Tweet, which sparked 8,371 Twitter mentions revolving around the Toyota.

So what are people gabbing so much about? It may be the Prius' impressive fuel efficiency of an EPA-estimated 51 mpg city, 48 mpg highway, 50 mpg combined. Or maybe Internet users are chatting about the Toyota hybrid's spacious interior, which provides plenty of legroom for passengers and more than sufficient space for cargo. It could also be the model's technologic offerings including the digital instrument panel and optional navigation display, Safety Connect, and lane-departure warning.

People can talk the talk, but the Prius can walk the walk. See what about the hybrid causes the gift of gab among its drivers and set up a test drive with the model today. Our experts are also on hand to answer your questions about our new and used Toyota vehicles or, if you prefer, to simply chat.

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