A Microscopic Journey with the Toyota Mirai

Just in case you haven't heard about it, our favorite Japanese automaker is making incredible strides in the field of alternative fuels and the 2017 Toyota Mirai is the latest and greatest thing! This gorgeous and futuristic car doesn't use gasoline or electric batteries but, rather, hydrogen fuel cells to power the car and emits nothing but harmless water. Take a look at the fully 360-degree video below to learn more about how the vehicle works and have an entertaining and educational time with us. We think you're going to love this one:



While we don't have the 2017 Mirai in our lineup just yet, we do offer a huge selection of new Toyota models sure to appeal to anyone's needs. Whether you want a car, truck, crossover, SUV, or minivan, you'll get exactly what you need at a price to leave your wallet sighing in relief. We hope to see you at our Waterford, MI dealership soon!

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