To Service Your Vehicle or to Purchase Another - That is the Question

We here at Szott M-59 Toyota love vehicle of all kinds - you'll be pleased to find that our selection of new Toyota models is supported by a wide lineup of used vehicles of all kinds as well! - but we also understand it's important to know when to move on from your current ride. If you've ever asked yourself the question, "Should I maintain my current vehicle or just get a new one?" then this blog post is aimed squarely at you.

If you're in love with your current ride, whether it's relatively new or you've had it for years and years, then we'd love to assure you that our service center technicians truly know their stuff. They'll address any issues your vehicle is having, get them fixed up, and send you back to your day quickly and affordably!

However, driving an older vehicle that may be having problems also comes with some downsides. Mainly, safety technology has come a long way in the past few years and, as you'd expect, our new Toyota models are loaded out with all the latest and greatest safety features - many of which come standard! On top of being affordably priced, and with a selectin of new vehicle incentives to peruse, you'll find a great deal on the ride you've had your eye on.

It's a question with no objective answer but, no matter what you decide, we want you to know we have your back. If you have any questions for us or would like to peruse the lineup, come out to see us here at our Waterford, MI dealership and prepare to be amazed!

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