Keep The Kids Entertained In Your Toyota During Holiday Travel



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Whether you drive a Toyota Sienna, Toyota Land Cruiser, or smaller vehicle like the Toyota RAV4 or Toyota Camry, you can make traveling during the holidays fun and whimsical! Embrace your-inner kid by joining in on the following road-trip games during the upcoming holiday season!


  • The Alphabet Game: When you drive past highway signs, keep an eye out for each letter of the alphabet in order. You can only get one letter per sign. When you see a letter, shout it out! An example would be "I see "O" on the "Oakland County" sign!
  • Scavenger Hunt: Come up with a list of attractions, sights, or items you think you'll find on your road trip. Print it out and give a copy to every passenger who's traveling with you. Then, have each person call out any items they see and have someone else verify it. The first person to cross of their entire list wins the game.
  • Rest Stop Athletics: Competitive spirits and athletes alike will love this one. Bring small athletic gear along with you (a cinch when driving vehicles like the Toyota Sequoia or RAV4, which boast great cargo space!) Some items you could bring along include squishy footballs or Frisbees. Or, play "race at the rest stop" to help your kids expend energy and help you feel revitalized and ready to drive further!
  • I Spy: This traditional car game is one that nearly everyone knows. It goes like this: find a fixed object off in the horizon that everyone in the car can spot and say "I spy with my little eye something that is ______." You can use colors, textures, and more for your adjective-of-choice.
  • Media Savvy: This one isn't a game, but rather, a way to keep kids entertained. Bring books, personal gaming devices, and other interactive games along for the ride with you to help pass the time along.
  • Card Games: Playing games such as Uno, Go Fish, and other card games is a great interactive way to keep everyone entertained during long trips!
  • License Lookout: Before your trip begins, poll all passengers who will be travelling with you about how many different state license plates they think they will encounter on the road. Keep a tally of who spots what.
  • Counting Cars: Depending on the age of your children, this can be really fun! Set parameters like: "be the first to find seven silver sedans." You can also go by brand. For example, "be the first to find 3 Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks!" Want to add a twist to this game? Add in food or tech-related incentives! An example might be "be the first to spot four Toyota 4Runner SUVs, and you get half an hour of time spent playing on your iPad!"
  • Map Mission: We're increasingly dependent on GPS technology. Take the opportunity to teach your children about geography by having your kids mark up individual maps!


These are just a few ideas on how to make your family road-trips more memorable! Feel free to add your own spin to them. From everyone here at Szott M-59 Toyota, Happy Holiday travels!

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