Recommended Summer Service for Your Toyota

We're in the thick of summer now, and temperatures are climbing all around the Detroit area. With even hotter weather on the way, it's time to start thinking of ways to prepare your car, truck, or SUV.

Luckily, Szott M-59 Toyota is here to help. We have a few services that we recommend for every driver looking to prepare a vehicle for summer weather.

AC Recharge: There's not much worse than driving in summer heat without a working climate control system. Bring your car into our shop near Waterford and we can recharge the system so air blows ice cold.

Tire Inspection/Rotation: Michigan winters can be brutal on tires. Between pot holes, ice, snow, and road salt, the rubber on your car takes a beating. It's a good idea to have your tires checked out heading into summer to make sure they're still road worthy. You may also want to swap out a set of summer tires.

Replace Wiper Blades: Similarly, wiper blades also take a beating during winter weather. Be sure to install a fresh set so you're ready to handle summer rain!

Top Off Coolant: Higher temperatures can be taxing on any engine, so it's important to make sure the coolant system in yours is taken care of. We recommend checking coolant levels and topping it off if necessary. This can help prevent engine overheating.

You can get all of these services at your friendly Toyota service center near Bloomfield, MI and Rochester, MI. Give us a call to schedule your appointment!

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