If you've ever been in an auto accident near Detroit, you know how terrifying it is. From the gripping rush of adrenaline to the costly car repair that follows, on-road collisions are a hazard that Toyota wants to avoid. That's what prompted the Japanese automaker to create Toyota Safety Sense, and why it's putting this package on all 2020 Toyota models. This collection of active safety features provides a stronger layer of protection for you and whoever is along for the ride in your Toyota Camry.

When you think about driver safety in nearby Bloomfield, MI, what comes to mind? Is it preventing fender benders? What about avoiding the act of drifting outside your lane? How about increasing your nighttime visibility? With Toyota Safety Sense, there are advanced safety features that cover all these safety concerns. At Szott M-59 Toyota, you can browse a surplus of Toyota vehicles that encompass the six driver-assist technologies featured in the Toyota Safety Sense package. To outline what to expect, here's a breakdown of Toyota Safety Sense:

  1. Pre-Collison System with Pedestrian Detection: Limits collisions by alerting you about potential triggers with other vehicles or pedestrians.
  2. Lane Departure Alert: Lets you know if your Toyota is beginning to veer from your designated traffic lane without activating a valid turn signal.
  3. Automatic High Beams: Detects the headlights of upcoming cars and automatically shifts between your Toyota model's high and low beam settings at night.
  4. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: Adjusts your pre-set speed based on your proximity to the car that you're following on highways around the Farmington area.
  5. Road Sign Assist: The forward-facing camera picks up on road signage as you drive and displays the appropriate messages on your multi-information display.
  6. Lane Tracing Assist: Comes into play when you've activated Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and aligns the position of your Toyota with the car in front of you.

When you invest in a 2020 Toyota that comes with standard Toyota Safety Sense, you'll feel more prepared for what lies ahead on Michigan roads. From unexpected pedestrians to quick lane corrections, you'll feel safer when you climb into your new 2020 Toyota Camry that you leased or purchased in Waterford - less than half an hour from Rochester, MI. Come and feel true peace of mind during your 2020 Toyota test drive. Schedule yours by contacting Szott M-59 Toyota today.

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