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The Toyota Key Finder: Keeping Your Mornings On Track

There's no stopping the forward march of technology, especially in the automotive industry, but there are a few things that we still find inconvenient that happen around our cars - namely, losing our keys! Toyota understands this simple-yet-frustrating problem and have provided us with a solution: the Key Finder accessory. Attach it to your key chain and then, when you can't find them, open the companion iPhone app and just follow the beeps. Take…

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Protect your Scion with this High-Tech Film

At Szott M-59 Toyota our new Scion selection doesn't come close to rivaling our new Toyota headcount, but we still love this trendy brand aimed toward young drivers who're learning to appreciate power and performance.

All the vehicles have a sporty edge, but the 2014 Scion FR-S is easily the top dog. It has won plenty of awards for quality and handling and owning one is exciting. Like any investment, we encourage our customers to protect it, which exactly what this film will do.

This protective film is also available for other Scion vehicles. Plus, there are additional…

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