Toyota Tire Service Center

Few components have a significant an impact on ride quality, performance, and safety as tires. All of the effort your car puts into moving and stopping ends up going through the rubber on your wheels. Without the right maintenance, your tires can wear out more quickly than they ought to, leaving your car's comfort and stability compromised.

That's where Szott 59 Toyota comes in. Our tire service center near Waterford and Bloomfield, MI is dedicated to services that help improve tire longevity and performance.

Tire Services

We offer a wide range of helpful tire services. Staying on top of each one can help you get more from each set you purchase.

Wheel Balance: It's not always a guarantee that car wheels will be perfectly balanced. Imbalanced wheels can cause uncomfortable vibrations and accelerated tire wear. Our team has the means to detect and correct wheel imbalances.

Wheel Alignment: When a wheel is out of alignment, it isn't turning straight and true. If a tire turns askew, it can chew up a tire much faster. We use special tools to make sure you wheels are aligned correctly so your tires can last longer.

Tire Rotation: Different locations can cause different wear patterns on tires. For example, tires on front wheels will wear differently than tires on back wheels. Tire rotations are designed to spread out these varying wear patterns more evenly. The long-term result is longer-lasting tires.

Schedule Tire Service at Szott 59 Toyota

Ready for your next tire rotation or wheel alignment? Contact us to schedule your next service appointment at our service center near Rochester, MI and Farmington. We can pencil you into a time slot and help you set up a long-term tire care plan.



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